Two interesting takes on the same prescient online journalism issue: accuracy.

First from the editorsweblog, picking up on the recent BBC interview gaff.

So once again, is it more important to post and correct yourself after, or get it right the first time? Can speed and accuracy be combined on the Internet or are we on the brink of a new “journalism” sprinkled with asterisked corrections?

The second from The Sunday Times, trying a different tack in persuading us of the ‘bloggers aren’t journalists’ argument.

No matter how unappealing it may sound, the blogosphere is duty-bound to adopt the basic tenets of journalism – identifying your sources, checking facts and never sacrificing accuracy and fairness for the sake of a “good” story. The role of watchdog demands you be fully identifiable and accountable. (Full disclosure: we journalists need you.

Cant argue with that as long as we practice what we preech.