Old media must “pick up the clue phone”

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> “I think we’re at a very strange point of all these enormously powerful, old, rich institutions — the great brand names of the business — dying in front of our eyes. And they won’t pick up the clue phone,” Lydon told Wired News. > > “They won’t understand the simplest rule, that your audience is your friend. Your audience is smart. Your audience is trying to help. Let them in to the conversation.”

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A German Response to Murdoch

[Tweet](https://twitter.com/share)Murdoch’s speech was a while ago but this [response from Mathias Döpfner](http://www.signandsight.com/features/756.html), head...

Reality Check

[Tweet](https://twitter.com/share)[![09062006158.jpg border=](https://i2.wp.com/static.flickr.com/67/171541383_1e1cc3e41f_m.jpg?w=525 "09062006158.jpg")](http://www....

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