A nice little fluff [piece at Newspaper and Technology](http://www.newsandtech.com/issues/2006/06-06/nt/06-06_blogging.htm) which opens with the great line…

Think blogging is the Pet Rock of this decade?

The article is essentially a round up of testimonials for various publishing platforms but it contains an interesting quote from Rusty Willimas, CEO of content company Prospero

“Then somehow blogging really shook things up. The aspect of blogging that I think even many of us in the industry really didn’t recognize fully in the beginning was that the Internet is a publishing model with an editorial perspective. As soon as a blog came along, it became an easy way for someone to write and publish that article, and focus their editorial voice on a topic.”

The “Internet is a publishing model with an editorial perspective”. A concept that some seem to be struggling with still.