I got a call the other day from PA asking if I would contribute to an article on blogging. The article was pegged on the tickbox survey about bloggers. Many have been quick to point out [concerns at just how seriously we can take the report](http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/technology/shanerichmond/july06/whoisblogging.htm) as an indicator of serious trends that will impact on established media outlets.

But another survey on blogging life by Pew/Internet -Bloggers – a portrait of the internets new story tellers – has been kicking up dust in the real world and the bloggasphere

As usual many in the mainstream media felt the need to seek some kind of vindication from the results.
A number of reports and comments have taken ‘We have been saying that these people are not journalists and now they agree with us’ line. Even the BBC ran a poll next to their story asking ‘Is blogging journalism?’Predictably over 75% thought it wasn’t.

A question that doesn’t seem to have been asked in all of this is why people don’t consider it journalism?

The tacit suggestion seems to be that they have been compared to journalism and been found wanting. The truth maybe that bloggers see the current state of journalistic output as something that doesn’t reflect them or their interests. Perhaps they don’t see the quality of journalism as something to aim for and take comparisons to journalists just as badly as the journalists