[Neweurasia](http://neweurasia.net/?p=783) offers a round up of all that’s blogging in Central Asia and the Caucasus including the

…latest roundup of blog posts and online discussions from Kazakhstan Russian-language blogosphere.

Of course Borat dominates the tags, and a lot of the posts but there is also a wide range of stuff from oil to freedom of speech.

This is what I love about the web as a news source.

Stories eb and flow in to the news agenda and with them comes a whole context of complex issues.  In the traditional media this is hacked and packed for target audience. The broader view is lost in favour of the ‘news agenda’.

Trad journos will tell you that this is how it should be. They will tell you that the web lacks a good editor; someone to sift through all the crap and tell me what’s important. But for me the serendipity of discovering interesting ideas and debates buried in the context is removed.

Yes, content does need an editor. I couldn’t get a round up of what’s happening in Kazakhstan  any other way. But this is just on a micro, story level basis. On a macro level the web edits itself.  We throw stories online and they find a place. Sometimes that place remains unknown until another story takes an audience there and the content is discovered.  It wasn’t an editor who made that connection. The web enabled me to.

The web doesn’t need an editor. The audience and the technology make editorial decisions every day.