***Addition:** [Journalism.co.uk](http://www.journalism.co.uk/news/story3064.shtml) run an interview with the creator of NewsSniffer *[*John Leach*](http://johnleach.co.uk/ "John Leech") 

Here is an interesting site (via the BBC Editor blog)

NewsSniffer scans the content of the BBC (and a few others) to
“…monitor corporate news organisations to uncover bias.”

One service it offers is Revisionista which

“…monitors news websites and detects when articles change. The versions are viewable and the changes are highlighted.”

It’s interesting to see how content changes over time. Not, I believe, as an example of the bias of the established media, but just how sloppy some of the copy editing is (okay, I know that’s rich coming from this blog).

No surprise that The Guardian had to clear up a few errors in the copy.

But more surprising was the process of public-subbing that the BBC seemed to do on a sports story.

“Newcastle boss Glenn Roeder” wasn’t strong enough so he became “Under-fire Newcastle boss Glenn Roeder” but, correcting as they go, they find that he is still under fire by the fourth par.

Time for an edit

I could see this site filling a few hours.

Addition: Just to point out that, in the spirit of transparency, it’s nice to see the BBC editors taking an interest in the site. Perhaps I didnt make clear that they appear to be active in ‘supporting’ the site even if they don’t agree with its motivations.