Jeff Jarvis continues to provide a daily fix of sensible and interesting comment  on [BuzzMachine](http://www.buzzmachine.com/index.php/guardian-column-newspapers-in-free-fall/).

What disturbs me most is not the news, but the news industry’s reaction. Where we should be seeing aggressive, strategic leaps into the future, we instead hear the mournful braying of editorial Eeyores.

That’s a typically bullish quote from his Guardian article expressing his dismay about the lack of ballsy action by the newspaper industry. But later in the article he hits a nail on the head.

… we see task forces of executives and consultants issuing reports that do little to reinvent the business of journalism. The American Press Institute invested $2m in a “Newspaper Next” project with change guru Clayton Christensen that still treats journalism as a printed product rather than as a service

It’s such a simple point but one that the industry finds it so difficult to grasp. Digital will not kill newspapers, but it won’t help preserve them as they are.