> Who are the “new establishment” of online journalism in Britain? Who are the people shaping the latest developments in bringing journalism to new digital platforms?

The New Media Establishment – 50 people shaping online journalism according to the Press Gazette

As much of an influential list for the digital content providers would be the Guardian Weekend article about Web2.0 – “The Bigger Bang”

The second internet goldrush is in full swing, and this time it’s all about real people, creating, editing and showcasing their own lives and opinions. John Lanchester gets to grips with the virtual universe and Guardian writers interview the smartest and the luckiest entrepreneurs who demolished the old internet and built a brand new one

Included in the article is Matt Mullenweg, inventor of blogging software package WordPress. You could argue that blogging software has contributed to the development of a blogosphere that enabled many of the people on the Press Gazette list to be there.

I would put that kind of enabling power it at the same level as something like Camilla Wright’s Popbitch which, as well as showing how forums and networks really do work, has propped up the gossip columns for the last few years.