One of the journos on my video course left a comment on my [cross media ](http://www.andydickinson.net/2006/12/12/medium-specific/)post, expressing the frustration she feels in not having online recognised as journalism. She talks about *“having been effectively banned from writing and subbing in print, it is easy to feel somewhat castrated as a journalist.” * It’s indicative of the *‘it’s just a delivery platform, not real journalism”* mentality I talked about and a real shame when people are grasping the medium with both hands. The process is hard enough without being seen as some traitor to the craft.

One reason for this is the institutionalisation of some journalists. They get used to their surroundings and refuse to move even when the environment is changing – often for the worse.

It’s no surprise that some dig in. Media ownership is fast becoming akin to a being a slum landlord – building sub-standard homes for the content journalists cherish. The move to the web could be seen as those same landlords heading for a land grab. No wonder it’s all viewed with a healthy dose of journalistic cynicism.

Maybe we can coax some of those journos out from behind the closed doors and get them to see the opportunities away from the crumbling shell of the trad media?

Maybe not.