Yahoo: Sony design artillery proof camcorder

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This bought a smile to my face this afternoon.

I was looking at Yahoo’s Citizen journalism endevour ‘You witness news’ but as there is nothing of any interest on it – well, there isnt – I wandered around and found a link to a page about the ‘kit’ Kevin Sites uses.

It includes details about the camera he carries hyped to almost breathless heights.

For work in an armed conflict area, the HC-1 has a Super SteadyShot Image Stabilization System with motion sensors that adjust for the shaking caused by moving hands or rattle of artillery.

Im sure thats what Sony had in mind.

There is spin and then, I guess, the kind of spin that doesnt show up thanks to “Super SteadyShot Image Stabilization”

Oh, and while we are at it: Come on guys, if you are going to lift from Flickr the at least link the names of the Flickr users in your audio slideshows.

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