[Hold The Front Page](http://www.holdthefrontpage.co.uk/news/2007/01jan/070108arc.shtml) reports that another UK newspaper group has announced that it is shifting its focus to the web. [Archant](http://www.archant.co.uk/business_regional.aspx) have been reviewing their operations

The company brought in consultants to look at editorial departments at Archant Norfolk, Archant Suffolk, Archant Herts & Cambs and its London weeklies in the summer, sparking fears amongst staff that jobs could be cut.

But the group has now said that although some efficiencies had been identified, this would allow resources to be redeployed towards the web.

Later in the article

Peter Swallow, MD of Archant Suffolk, said: “We have completed a review of our editorial department, led by our two daily paper editors.

“It found that we already have a very efficient operation producing top quality papers and websites, while identifying a few improved working practices.

“We will use any resources made available by implementing these to develop our printed products and also to enhance our web content, where we are putting a lot of effort into such things as digital editions of our papers and online video.”

More online video. I would be really interested in knowing why this is the flavour of the month.