Here’s an interesting set of statistics.

YouTube vs. Evening News: Seventy-percent said they would rather watch the evening news coverage instead of a citizen video report on an event. Though, only one year after YouTube burst onto the scene, fully 25% of those 18-49 years old would chose citizen video. Only 10.3% of those 65 or over agreed.

Advertisers will note that of those who have never shopped at Wal-Mart, only 58.7% chose TV news, while those who go to the super-sized store a few times a month pick Katie Couric over Rocketboom 72.3% of the time.

Self-described progressives picked citizen video 30.4% of the time, while only 18.5% of those calling themselves conservative did.

It came from research by 463 Communications and Zogby International.

They have an overview on The 463 blog.

Looks like my reading list got bigger for the week

On a side note, I found this through a link on Alf Hermida’s site, Reportr.

On seeing the name I thought it was a coincidence that a J-proffesor at the University of British Columbia had the same name as an editor at the BBC news website. Turns out they are one and the same person.

Another one for my feed list I think.