[A great reflection by Mark Hamilton](http://www.tamark.ca/students/2007/01/21/how-its-delivered/) on the *“reason why the internet is so much more disruptive to newspapers than previous changes in the mediascape”*

He puts his finger on why all of the ‘we survived TV, we will survive the web’ ostriches in newspapers are missing the point of the webs disruptive power:

Like the internet, radio and television provided new distribution methods for information but the ‘net provides a new distribution method for information in the same form.Neither radio nor television, for all the new forms they brought to information, could supplant what the newspaper offers. But the net is different. It substantially, and nearly totally, changes the one part of the newspaper that hasn’t significantly changed since the days of its birth: distribution. We are at, or very near the point, where everything the newspaper has to offer — depth, breadth, portability, timeliness, serendipity, etc. — is being delivered without paper, ink or the intervention of a newspaper carrier

A great point and it frames the debate in such a neat way.

I also noticed that, even though he is a regular stop off of mine via his feed, I hadn’t added Mark to my links. Shame on me.