[Journalism.co.uk reports](http://www.journalism.co.uk/news/story3170.shtml) that Trinity Mirror have announced that they are adopting the Roo system, and its content offering for its Daily Mirror website.

Julia Smith, head of digital at MGN, said: “Through our partnership with Roo we have received access to the most sophisticated video streaming technology on the market.

“Roo is the perfect choice for online publishing, as its depth of content reflects exactly what our readership desires.”

Are the Mirror buying the capacity for video or are they simply paying out for the option of not having to engage at all? Apparently not

The individual sites will also produce their own unique video content, which will be delivered through the Roo content management system.

Considering Trinity Mirrors investment in video in one area, it would seem a shame that one end of the company is buying out of content creation for simple, low level, content remediation.

Time will tell.