How do traditional media brands survive and thrive in a wired world?

Ok, I don’t have an answer to that, but I know some people who might.

My department runs a regular forum to discuss the issues facing the industry as part of our Journalism Leaders programme.

The next forum is 6.00pm (uk time) on Tuesday, February 6th,w with the title: *“Media Mashups! HowTraditional Media Brands Survive and Thrive in a Wired World” *.

The panel includes:

  • Heather Hopkins, the Vice President for Research for the online market intelligence company, Hitwise.
  • Alan Moore, co-founder and CEO of the engagement marketing firm SMLXL and co-author of the international bestseller Communities Dominate Brands: Business and Marketing Challenges for the 21st Century.
  • Prof Jane Singer, the Johnston Press Chair of Digital Journalism at the University of Central Lancashire.

The session is chaired by Mark Tungate, a Paris-based journalist and author of Media Monoliths – How Great Media Brands Thrive and Survive.

You can post your questions and comments on this site, or you can view the live Webcast by logging in as a guest.

Online participants will be able to post questions to panellists in a chat room.

Here is a pdf version of the Forum invite: Jleaders forum invite