Having finally got my hands on a copy of Press Gazette to read the [blogger piece](http://www.andydickinson.net/2007/02/08/infamy-infamy/) – lengthy posts! – I read a great little piece on The Croydon Advertiser’s [use of slideshows](http://www.sitbonzo.com).

They report that The Advertisers Picture Editor and Chief Photographer, David Berman, has been using Soundslides to create multimedia slideshows of some of their content.

[![Dance School slideshow](https://i0.wp.com/www.andydickinson.net/wp-content/uploads/2007/02/slideshoq.jpg?w=525)](http://www.sitbonzo.com/2007/01/30/the-dance-school-monday-29th-january-2007-2/)
What was even better than hearing that a local had dived in to slidehsows, was the slideshows themselves – great pictures, nice audio and neat production. [The Dance school ](http://www.sitbonzo.com/2007/01/30/the-dance-school-monday-29th-january-2007-2/)one in particular is a very nice package of interview and images.

What’s equally interesting to me is that the slideshows are being hosted off-site on Dave’s blog.

I’ve never understood why, given the restrictions of the centralised templating systems the locals are labouring under, more and more outfits don’t go to free or low cost services outside. Many of the small publications in the States have done this expanding the skunkworks concept.

Anyway,this is great, great stuff and you should head over to Dave’s blog and check the slideshows out. Oh,and maybe hassle the edtor of the paper to get a better link through to them of the Advertiser site.