In the rush by industry to make the move online and grasp the fog that is Web 2.0 with both hands I’ve always been suprised that Radio isnt higher up the pecking audio.

Maybe it’s one of the passive consumption mediums that makes the perfect backdrop to web browsing – perhaps radio is the journalism soundtrack to the web.

Still, why more radio stations arent taking their skills webward and trying multimedia is one of those things I’ve pondered for a while. And as if my pondering was converted in to a internet request, Lost remote picks up on a NYTimes article about the rise of radio station video. The NYT say’s

Across the country, radio stations are putting up video fare on their Web sites, ranging from a simple camera in the broadcast booth to exclusive coverage of events like the Super Bowl to music videos, news clips and Web-only musical performances.

Lost remotes take?

While radio sites will not drive online audiences as large as most full-featured TV sites, their sales efforts are beginning to go after the same online video dollars.

It’s clear that we arent in news coverage land here, and webcasting/simulcasting radio shows is nothing new but maybe this will prompt a few of the talks/news stations to take a look at the web.

Shake of the dust and join us in this century.