Video services:Who is doing what.

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If the shear number of video service related sites on the web is hard to keep up with the take a look at this great post at [Read/Write web:](

There are now so many companies vying to be the next YouTube, it’s easy to lose track of them all. So let’s take a look at the entire online video industry and categorize the major players. Our thanks to Ali Dagli of Savvian, for providing us a lot of the useful data listed here.

In this post we’ve summarized the latest video industry innovations under the following categories:

  • Video Sharing
  • Intermediaries
  • Video Search
  • Video eCommerce
  • Video Editing & Creation
  • Rich Media Advertising
  • P2P (Peer To Peer)
  • Video Streaming
  • Vlogosphere

Great stuff.

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