Shame on me for not seeing this earlier.

In response to Paul Bradshaw and Adrian Monck’s recent video comments, Alf Hermida weighs in. As an ex-BBC man he punches heavyweight:

What I find surprising is that the industry is still having this discussion. It reflects how people in broadcasting and print have failed to realise that the internet is a new medium. It shows the deep lack of understanding of digital journalism and its potential.

Rethinking how we do video online is a start. But we need to rethink journalism for an interactive and participatory age.

Great point. It’s all about the journalism.

I’ve been thinking of starting a campaign – Journalism First. Remove the medium and think about the journalism first.

We will have badges and buttons for the web with ‘journalism first’ written on them. Each time we talk about anything to do with old-media interactions with new media and digital we should preface every discussion with ‘journalism first’.

It could look like this


Okay, I admit it, its been a long day.