The continued serendipity of the web…

Sticking to the subject of my last post, Robert Niles has a nice article over at OJR – Are blogs a ‘parasitic’ medium?

Could the blogosphere survive without the reporting provided by newspapers and TV networks? Online pros tackle the question.

The responses are very interesting. The conclusions more so.

By dismissing all blogs as derivative of their own coverage, newspaper journalists reaffirm the cultural myopia that has caused them to miss issues and passions that are of deeply felt interest to so many former, or potential, newspaper readers.

That’s why the “parasite” charge bothers me so much. It perpetuates a bad attitude toward readers that led so many of those readers to the blogosphere in the first place. If some blogs are parasitic, sucking value from others’ work and offering little insight or knowledge in return, so too are many newspaper columnists, editorial pages and television talking heads.

Instead of dismissing the blogs and websites to which their former readers and viewers are flocking, newspaper and TV journalists ought to be asking themselves what those blogs are doing that they could be doing to get those readers back.

Great article.