[Jack Lail asked what other mic’s I would recommend f](http://www.andydickinson.net/2007/02/19/newspaper-video-practical-audio/#comment-960)or use apart from the M58 reporters mic I mentioned in a post on audio.

Those who know these mics will know that it’s a pretty mixed bag but I have used them either on external work or at the University so feel I can comment on them. But, this is a personal/this is what I have worked with kind of thing which I though would be better aired out in the open so it can be trashed, added to or picked over by visitors who may have better options or more experience.

Lav/tieclip mics – TRAM  TR50. These are pricey ( £300 )but the best lav mics I have used. I can also recommend the Audio Technica lavs. They have radio and tied mics in the range.

I tend to use the Trams in conjunction with Micron radio kits. But these are pricey so at the lower end,  the Sony UWp radio mic kits are nice. They work well and the mic that comes with it is pretty good. 3-400 dollars for the lot, but you will need to buy things like windshields separately.

The M58 would be my choice for a reporter mic

I would look at something like a SM58 as a throw around dynamic microphone to stick in front of speakers etc. It’s directional where the M58 is omni, so it can be pointed and it’s designed to be kicked around by singers etc. The 57 is a version without the spherical basket on top which may make it easy to poke in places. Both are so simple and robust. I have found myself attacking them with a soldering iron on stage when they go down and then plugging them straight back in.

For shotgun mics I have always picked out the Sennheiser 416 or the longer 816. Other people like the MKH60 – not too fussed either way myself – but with a grip and rycote I think either are great for reporters. Again you will pay another 200 dollars for a grip and windjammer.

I have used the Audio-Technica ATR97 omni boundary mic, which is pretty good with audio recorders for picking up meetings etc.

I will link this post up and add more as I get chance.