I was linked in dispatches from [Shane Richmond at the Telegraph](http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/technology/shanerichmond/aug06/britishnewspapers.htm) this week regarding [my thoughts](http://www.andydickinson.net/2007/03/02/journalism-blogs-you-bunch-of-wasters-you/) on [Alan Hiscock;s anti-blog comments](http://www.wordblog.co.uk/2007/01/17/journalism-training-must-face-up-to-rapid-change/#comment-13860). Shane is spot on when he say Alan:

…may not know much about blogs but has certainly stumbled across trolling.

I agree. It did have a whiff of the ‘light the blue touch paper’ about it.

The tone of the comment suggests that Alan may have been hoping to prove a point about the kind of pointless prattle bloggers get up to when kicking comments like his around, maybe not. But, the quality of the rest of Shane’s reflections seems to reinforce just how wrong Alan was.

Shane meditates on the differences between UK and US journalism. Hiscock thinks it’s better, Shane thinks it’s different. To put it in perspective, he outlines the state of play in UK newspapers. The round up includes a great description of the Sun

The Sun combines soft porn with moral outrage and right-wing politics …

And the delightfully euphemistic

The Mirror leans vaguely to the left.

But he sums it all up nicely.

All these titles have brought about a newspaper market that is vibrant, witty, aggressive and innovative. American papers can seem worthy and pedestrian in comparison.

In the States Fox News has demonstrated the pulling power of a strong editorial line but that sort of thing is no different to what British newspapers have been doing for years.

Far be it from me to suggest American media needs our help; they’re doing pretty well on their own. But a little of the rough-and-tumble of British newspapers wouldn’t go amiss.

I think there are a lot of areas where we are innovating at a similar level, if not ahead of the States. We have a lot to share and perhaps the relationship with the US media, so far, has been more troll than it should have been.