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[Craig McGinty: Colin Randall, journalist and now blogger](
(tags: [blogging]( [Journalists](
[Wordblog » Blog Archive » BBC going Flash](
The BBC try flash – everone decides they will wait till they have something to show
(tags: [flash]( [bbc]( [video]( [wordblog](
[New.Journalism.Review : InDesign CS3 or Quark 7 – which is biggest and best?](
Which is best? Let Steve Hill enlighten you.
(tags: [quark]( [adobe]( [indesign]( [newspaper]( [production]( [dtp]( [digital](
[News and jobs for journalists :: Sri Lanka annoints eJournalists](
training and a ax free laptop for multimedia journalists. Should we be doing this?
(tags: [online]( [journalism]( [training]( [journalists]( [Sri]( [Lanka]( [eJournalists](

Google maps follow up.

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