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[Make Internet TV](
Looks a like a great little resource for low/no cost video on the web for everyone interested in this kind of thing
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[News and jobs for journalists :: Video: CNET Network UK’s approach to web video](
Oliver Luft does a nice job of the first of’s video reports. What have Cnet spent 30m on? Watch and find out.
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[ media blog » The NYT is on the right path with video](
Those newspapers that are starting simple now and growing internal video literacy, and growing it broadly, will be at an advantage in years to come.
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[Why journalists need to rethink what they do «](
Alf Hermida comments on Suw Charman’s work on re-framing what it means to be a journalist “In a world where we are bombarded with so many sources of information, there is a role for a professional who can sift, digest and make sense of an increasingly co
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[The Changing Role of Journalists in a World Where Everyone Can Publish | The Freedom of Expression Project](
The Changing Role of Journalists in a World Where Everyone Can Publish
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[CBS 2007 Fall Preview](
CBS allow you to stick their content in your site. A model worth considering?
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[News and jobs for journalists :: Web audio/video regulation intended to stave off EC, says press watchdog commissioner](
The PPC say that “regulation on web audio/video content was the result of trying to prevent the European Commission controlling this area of the UK press.”
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