links for 2007-05-24

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[Highways Agency – RSS Traffic Feeds](
Of use for some RSS mashup exercises
(tags: [rss]( [traffic]( [mashup](
[SIMILE | Timeline | Documentation | How to Create Timelines](
A timeline generator. More mashup stuff that may be worth playing with.
(tags: [design]( [html]( [Javascript]( [mashup]( [multimedia]( [php]( [programming]( [tech]( [tools]( [reference]( [code]( [tutorial]( [web]( [web2.0]( [webdesign](

links for 2007-05-19

[Tweet]( [Make Internet TV]( a like a great little resource for low/no cost video on the...

get your man back

[Tweet]( to do when your ex boyfriend is in depression after the breakup and how can i win my girlfriend back...   Never miss a story from, get updates in your inbox.