Online journalism’s big questions

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[According to Poynter]( these are the questions that 192 online newsroom leaders are going to try and answer over the next three days at one of their seminars.

Want to know what they are…

Here are the questions, in the participants’ words, that generated the most interest in the room:

  • How do we convince print executives that the Web is valid?

  • Can the same newsroom people do it all?

  • Where are the lines drawn for ad and content placement?

  • Is hyper-local news our savior?

  • Should online editors adhere to a different standard for immediacy? Does anyone have an online ethics guide? (Here’s an answer to this one.)

  • Can we give readers what they want without it being all Britney and police-chasing videos?

  • What revenue models are showing the most promise?

  • Are there any alternative revenue models or is it still eyeballs?

  • What are the most time-tested constants of a well-designed Web page?

  • Should news be edited or filtered?

  • How do we increase citizen content/involvement beyond the small fraction of readers or audiences that are already involved?

  • What if you spend 12 hours on a multimedia project that 1,000 people watch? Success? Failure?

  • How can we be journalistic and entertaining in the new world?

  • What’s next? What’s after blogs and social networks?

Just the easy ones then guys?

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