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[BBC Worldwide appoints rapid-response web team | New media |](,,2088718,00.html)
Worldwide continues to follow the magazine industry lead and go digital in a serious commercial way
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[Press Gazette – News and jobs for journalists – ‘It’s been a very steep learning curve… we have had to invent a new type of journalism’](
An interesting article. One would suggest that it would have been less painful if instead of inventing a new style of journalism they had invested a little more in developing the old one.
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[From the ground up :: Entries :: Editing reporter-shot video](
Hire designated editors. This seems like a sensible soultion. I can’t help feeling that journos are missing out on a valuabel experience though.
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[Teaching Online Journalism: Visual literacy in multimedia journalism](
It’s all about the motion. Visual storytelling from the ever useful Mindy
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[Teaching Online Journalism: Video storytelling tips from a veteran reporter](
Mindy reports back from a presentation by veteran reporter Ken Speake
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[Every Newspaper Journalist Should Start A Blog » Publishing 2.0](
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[Poynter Online – Forums](
Ouch! Doug McLennan says get over yourselves to the newspaper industries griping at google.
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