A few posts have been kicking around on the subject of big questions for journalists.

Poynter still havent let slip the answers to their big questions so in the meantime it’s left to the ever excellent Ryan Sholin to identify 10 obvious things about the future of newspapers you need to get through your head.

Everything, including the comments, worth a read.

How he is managing to stay so clear of thinking given the new arrival (big congratulations there) lord only knows. Glad he is though.

Paul Bradshaw has travelled far and wide to deliver an equally sensible messgage about the role of journalism. He offers more detail of his speech to the Vienna Globalisation Symposium. Great points including a real gems that should be mottos for the development of journalism

Learn to listen – help others to speak


ps. If you want to read Pauls speech it’s in word format. Don’t have word? Try google docs. Mindy has the skinny Working smarter. Uses for google docs