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[content content: Daily Telegraph bets its shirt on digital](
“According to Brand Republic, the Daily Telegraph is to give advertisers free print ads worth over £600 when they pay for digital ads.”
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[Viewfinder BLUES: Cult of the Blowhard](
Lenslinger takes on the bleeting of net entrepreneur Andrew Keen on the perils of ugc “What’s at peril is the credibility of any media critic who interjects Pol Pot into a discussion about podcasts and websites”
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Last week it was twitter, tommorrow…

[Tweet]( Sambrook, the BBC’s Director of Global News,  is over at the [World Editors Forum in South Africa](http://www....

Geek moment

[Tweet]( calls it [a coffee table from beyond]( It’s pretty cool. If...   Never miss a story from, get updates in your inbox.