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[Twitter polluting Google search results for news topics – currybetdotnet – 6 June, 2007](
Twitter gets everywhere and causes problems with accurate searching. Excellent stuff from martin Belam
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[ — journalism • learning • teaching » US and UK journalism compared](
Different approaches to journalismon either side of the pond. Ive seen some differences in the way video works as well.
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[News and jobs for journalists :: Self-service ads and IPTV plans at MEN](
Interesting, very interesting. DIY at the MEN
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[Speech to Trinity Mirror Midlands « Online Journalism Blog](
More good stuff from Paul Bradshaw who continues to share some great stuff. This is a speech to newspaper people about how their world is changing – can you say database.
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Still waiting for answers

[Tweet]( week or so ago I found out that [newsroom leaders where asking big questions. ](

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[Tweet]( [Newspapers Find Online Video Niche – 6/11/2007 – Broadcasting & Cable]( newspaper video...   Never miss a story from, get updates in your inbox.