> “What people want is better personalities”.

Yep, and more hair and less of a beer belly. I’d love a sparkling personality with a certain wit and charm….oh sorry. You mean personality as in jobs description rather than character trait.

Apparently the problem with newspaper video is that the presenters have no personality.

“A lot of what goes into a TV newscast is the appeal of the presenters because of their communication skills,” Horlick says. “If you don’t have credible presenters, [the user] can just click on the stories. I’m not terribly concerned with newspapers as competition with their newscasts.”

So says one US TV bod in a much commented on article in Broadcasting and Cable

One comment, on Lost Remote, speaks more directly to the impact of presenter led online content like The Roanoke Times’ webcast:

If you don’t have credible presenters, [the user] can just click on the stories.” Truth be told, The Roanoke Times’ webcast is seen by just 200-500 unique users a day, according to B&C’s report. Which in fact, mirrors the success many TV sites have had with their newscasts/webcasts, even with their credible TV anchors.

So if you have the right presenter then it can work and as well as TV (if that’s your measure of choice.)

And there we have it folks. The same old problem. People in TV land and online video world not understanding each others mediums or language and getting a bit mixed up.

I’d love to see more personality in newspaper video but let’s not confuse that with presenters, and let’s not confuse presenters with TV personalities.

Sometimes presenters are a good idea. Sometimes they aren’t. It’s the story that decides.