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[Ancient Wisdom From a Young Man: On Editing](
A great round up of editing tips
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[News and jobs for journalists :: Hacker-reporter debate consumes journalists](
“A debate has been sparked in the news business on whether journalists should try to stay relevant by learning to write programming code.”And this article is a great round-up of the debate
(tags: [code]( [newsapers]( [journalism]( []( [programming](
[CBS using Google AdWords to reach ‘Jericho’ fans – Lost Remote TV Blog](
CBS learn how to listen and then talk to communities.
(tags: [cbs]( [jericho]( [google]( [adwords]( [lostremote](

Frame grab video

[Tweet]( Mike De Sisti, from the Appleton Post Crescent has found an i[nteresting way to use the hundreds of pics...

Pompous, tendentious, ill-informed claptrap.

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