Pompous, tendentious, ill-informed claptrap.

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**Update:**[*Neil Benson responds*](http://onlinejournalismblog.wordpress.com/2007/06/13/the-lofi-podcast-should-newspapers-bother-with-video-journalism/#comments)* in more detail to why he thought the podcast was bobbins and *[*I respond*](http://onlinejournalismblog.wordpress.com/2007/06/13/the-lofi-podcast-should-newspapers-bother-with-video-journalism/#comments)*.*

I spent a very pleasant few days in Falmouth last week at an AJE conference on convergence. Amongst the chat and enjoying the coast I sat down with blogger extraordinaire and UCE lecturer Paul Bradshaw and Andy Price,of Teesside University, for a chat. The result was Paul’s first podcast.

And the first comment?

A more mountainous pile of pompous, tendentious, ill-informed claptrap is hard to imagine.

That from Neil Benson. I’m guessing it’s editorial director of Trinity Mirror Regional Newspapers Neil Benson. But I may be wrong.

I’m a bit worried that it **is **all pompous, tendentious, ill-informed claptrap. I’m sure it isn’t that bad, in the sense that it may be opinionated but not claptrap, but maybe I am way off the mark and have become that ivory tower academic I thought I never could be.

Have a listen and let me know. Challenge the pomposity.

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