According to a poll by Harris Interactive (via [Broadcast Engineering](http://broadcastengineering.com/newsrooms/online-pass-tv-news-source-0615/))

In Great Britain, 31 percent of British adults do not access online news sites with any regularity and an additional 28 percent of them only access them about once a week.

The survey asked “What are your sources for news and information today?” and found that people used TV and the web as their main sources of news. According to the survey Major, national and regional newspapers only accounted for 25% of their news intake.

When asked* “What do you think your sources for news and information will be five years from now?” *Respondents in the UK painted a less than rosey picture for newspapers. They saw newspapers accounting for, in total 18% of their sources of news.

The conclusion

While online news sources will unseat network TV news from the top spot it enjoys today in those four countries [US,France, Italy and Spain] , network TV news will remain the top source for adult news consumers in Great Britain and Germany, the poll found.

Back to the drawing board for UK newspapers or validation that video is the way to go?

Interesting stuff