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A stunning list of video related tools and resources on the web
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Steve Hill advocates blogging for pro journos to reflect and develop. A good idea in an increasingly stressed and fractured work environment
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Paul Bradshaw casts his eye over the first of Trinnity Mirror web revamps
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US execs confuse profit with content when commenting on the future of journalism over at Forbes
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Kyle Majors compares the output of big and small video cameras
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Steve Boriss – “The web is generating new formats and new writing styles that will allow some writers to stand-out and demand higher compensation based on their unique abilities to attract and hold audiences.”
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IM for online interviews

[Tweet]( Murley over at Innovation in College media has a very useful number of pointers on how to use[ IM services...

Journalism students rewrite their history

[Tweet]( [post about reputation management ]( my eye over at the [Innovation...   Never miss a story from, get updates in your inbox.