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Jemmima Kiss reports: “Journalists starting in local papers are prepared to work for around £14K, compared to £18K online – but if you speak to the NUJ it is not uncommon for basic salaries on local newspapers to be as low as £12K. “
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Commenting on Jeff Jarvis’ post Steve Boriss thinks that “it looks like the recent debate over what a “journalist” is will be overtaken by a debate over what a “reporter” is, no doubt to be followed by a debate over what an “editor” is. With m
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Jarvis’ post on the way i-phone is changing journalism. Great comments and a good post but I can’t help feeling that it’s as much about a SEO friendly headline as it is the future of reporters
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One to read, digest and comment on later from Poynter (via Mark Hamilton)
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Kristian Strøbech reflects on how a live audience helped students sharpen their community and online skills.
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Mark Glaser wants to ” take a walk on the sunny side of life in new media, consider the positive aspects of all that is happening, and how we could end up in a renaissance era for journalism”. Interesting stuff and some interesting comments
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Rosenblum gives up on the video will save the web in favour of the web will save our brains. “Writing books is great, but in doing so you are largely preaching to the converted. If you want to really ‘educate the masses’ you don’t do it in text. You
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Read Write Web’s Josh Catone compares the new CNN, AOL and USA today sites. “My feeling is that while CNN likely has the most attractive and professional-looking site (they could certainly win some web 2.0 design awards), USA Today has social media down c
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More Poynter visual storytelling advice.
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“Starting at the print button, readers can pick and choose the posts they want to print, free of sidebars, ads and other clutter. Each great-looking printout is fully formatted to reduce paper waste.” A plugin for wordpress on the way apparently
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Jim Roberts, editor of digital news at the New York Times: “Some news sites adjust their news decisions based on how many people are clicking on certain stories or photos. We don’t; we still make our own news judgments. And to directly answer your quest
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Journalism students rewrite their history

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