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Mark Glaser gives auseful overview of online advertising
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Where is the Telegraph going with its Making News blog? Hard to tell at the minute. They’re asking the right question, but based on these admittedly early signs, I’m not sure they’re answering it the way I would myself.
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“I’m going to suggest a different approach: Instead of trying to build the best destination, build the best network.” Via Robin Hammon
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- has launched a new blog with the aim of rapidly updating developing breaking news stories.
Help Paul Bradshaw put some flesh on the use of wikis in journalism
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Too many newspaper web sites are still focused on being the newspaper online. That’s a mistake. Newsrooms should focus on making their sites a community news platform. That’s how you grow traffic.
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“Given Gannett’s position, it is not a sure-thing strategy, but it is a strategy. There is some danger of lessening the print product when the print product is still bringing in the revenue, but it’s a gamble worth taking.”
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The BBC show how social networks and web2.0 apps can be bought together on a page. That means that they don’t just publish the content they share the content. Share the love and you get love back.
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“To demonstrate world-class expertise, avoid quickly written, shallow postings. Instead, invest your time in thorough, value-added content that attracts paying customers” A whole generation now stops blogging
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Great stuff from Andrew Grant-Adamson “The post before that was a link to the New York Times story that Bush was considering withdrawing troops from Iraq. Now there is an idea: a blog of missed stories we wish we had.”
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“TV news can no longer be god-like. It must be a caring companion, willing to take part in discussion.”
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Nick Turner looks at his papers top content “You could reach all conclusions about this list, but the most blindingly obvious one is that we get a lot of visitors to our site looking for nightclub pictures, Roxanne Pallett and breasts.”
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Print isn’t the only medium having trouble with business models in the wake of web — online video is creating problems for local television news as well.
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In terms of recruitment, with few journalism colleges offering video journalism, any aspiring reporters with broadcasting or web journalism skills will be more likely to catch Meehan’s eye.
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At a meet-up of members of the Online News Association in London on Thursday, BBC News website technology editor Darren Waters offered an insight into its recent project to test on-demand video.
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