A [great post on Mellisa Worden’s X degree site](http://www.melissaworden.com/blogs/xdegree/2007/07/video-is-the-next-great-frontier/) links to a video of Jeff Jarvis (from BeetTV) interviewing the Washington Post’s Mark Whitaker about what they do.

A few points:

  1. Its interesting but it does seem to be a competition to see who can get the most words out without taking a breath.
  2. The first section is a great exercise in how not to shoot an interview – re-frame the shot during the questions not at the start of the answer.

But I digress( and nitpick)

People are commenting about Marks comment on video being the ‘new frontier’ but I found the last statement he makes most revealing It starts at about 35 seconds

“I think one big issue for the industry as a whole is a lot of duplication of effort. You know, if you where coming down from another planet and looking at the world of journalism. You’d say that 60%- 70% of all the content that everyone is producing is also being produced several other places at the same time without a lot of difference.

The future of journalism I think, whether it’s in print or online, is everybody figuring out where they add value. The people who do that and do it well will have a bright future.”

That’s the second Amen this week.