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“I wonder who will be using the declaration, and how. Some at WJEC suggested it might be of most use to journalism educators in developing countries and emerging democracies, particularly where they face state controls and other constraints.”
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John Duncan asks what Kodaks CEO Antonio Perez would do and picks up on his rather cool concept of ‘notorious decadence’
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“Collectively, newspapers saw those advertisers decrease their ad spending by 14.3 percent last year with only financial services increased their spending on newspapers.” Oh dear.
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Paul Conley looks at the recent announcment in a change of web metrics.
“social networks which give local people the tools to connect and create knowledge selfish/selflessley will win in this game. That’s also why local newspapers are potentially screwed.” – I love that conclusion
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The NUJ lower prices to up their presence in the online world
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|Howard in a more possitve frame of mide. Especially for video: When you combine our reach, resources and our fresh outlook on video, you have an opportunity to dominate local web video in a way TV will struggle to match.”
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“Nielsen starts from the assumption that your goal isn’t self-expression or persuasion or enjoyment or anything besides customer acquisition. People won’t pay for blogs; therefore, blogging is a waste of time.” I agree.
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…the challenge for news organisations is working out what to offer as moving images, as opposed to in text or other formats. And as the experience of the BBC shows, video over the Internet is not the same as video produced for TV.
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I can’t agree with the premise and something about the argument rubs but you cant help but agree with – “Newspaper for far too long have been in the business of giving users what they want to give them.”
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It’s more about revenue than content but there is the nub of a model here that many will emulate
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“As for newspapers and magazines he doesn’t know whether there is a ” god given right” that they should be as big online as offline” Says Professor Jeffrey Cole
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What j-students need

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