What j-students need

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[Bryan Murley](http://www.collegemediainnovation.org/blog/) twittered that he was looking to re-find his blogging mojo. Well looking at his last two post I don’t think he needs worry.

Two very nice video clips from Andrew DeVigal and Paul Conley on what they think J -students need to learn to get a job.

Shooting tips from the BBC

[Tweet](https://twitter.com/share)The BBC’s religion and ethics show Heaven and Earth has launched a competition of sorts encouraging viewers to[ send video...

links for 2007-07-12

[Tweet](https://twitter.com/share)- [hackademic.net » Journalism education: matters of principle(s) from WJEC](http://hackademic.net/2007/07/11/journalism-education-matters-of-principles-from-wjec/)“I wonder who...

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