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An online copy editing test from UK sub Trevor Horwood
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“[B]ased on the Backfence experience, here are are a few things I believe are essential for the success of a user-generated hyper-local site:”
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A one year progress report on Citizen media including an invaluable 10 points to think about.
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“Highly specialized information silos, moderated by a cult of personality, validated by the community, and put into context with the inclusion of meta-data through widgets.”
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Forget about how this will impact on the way ads are served. Think how it will impact on the way we sub online text copy.
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“Online, as expected, is still surging ahead at an impressive rate. However, the strength of main media marketing spend shows that so called ‘traditional’ media is a long way from becoming obsolete.”
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“We learned a lot about how crowds come together, and what’s required to organize them well. But many of the lessons came too late to help Assignment Zero.”
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[Tweet]( [Teaching Online Journalism » Newspaper video experts: What they’re doing]( from a panel...

BBCi player - a prediction

[Tweet]( (other) absolutely fantastic post by Martin Belam. He gazes in to his crystal ball to bring us – BBC iPlayer launch:...   Never miss a story from, get updates in your inbox.