Slow posting ahead

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I’ve been away again. This time to do a bit of the fringe at Edinburgh – Great fun.

I’m straight in to more training and prep for my courses in September so posting may be a little lighter than usual.

In the meantime here is something completly unrelated. Saw a band called Wildes Holz at the fringe.

According to a review in the Herald:

The trio’s unlikely versions of Billie Jean, The Final Countdown and Born to Be Wild, complete with Reisige leaping from the stage to land on his knees on the floor while soloing like a guitar god, only tell part of the story

Why unlikely?  Tobias Reisige is a recorder player.

An (interesting take on) the impact of editing

[Tweet](’m doing more training at the moment and whilst chatting about editing  I was reminded of a clip I had...

i-movie 08 review

[Tweet]( the things going on I have found time to do a bit of playing around with the new imovie 08....   Never miss a story from, get updates in your inbox.