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Twitter is “a form of publishing and an emergent “personalized” publication that “mashes up” MANY different forms of information in a way that has never been done before.”
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Howard sets out a strategy: “Newspaper video that takes more than an hour to produce isn’t worth the ROI”. Ouch.
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Dale Dougherty why cant breaking news be how I want it. He wants a different kind of web driven coverage. I want to know just how he thinks it could be staffed 🙂
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South Africa trip: Sunday

[Tweet]( getting to grips with being in Jo’berg, South Africa for a week of training. I’m having fun. I’...

Key blogs in digital journalism (especially video)

[Tweet]( spent the day with a bunch of very motivated South African journos who are *tasked* with doing multimedia. In fact...   Never miss a story from, get updates in your inbox.