Every so often I realize just how the posts on this blog have mounted up and how stuff that is always worth remembering gets lost in the archives. Blogrolls work okay, popular posts links cover some of the stuff but every now and then I think it’s worth reminding myself of the good stuff that gets lost. In that spirit I thought it was worth reminding people of a resource that is worth a look: The [Newspaper video Yahoo group](http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/NewspaperVideo/).

Regular readers will notice that every so often I refer to something called the Newspaper video group in a post. It’s a yahoo group that’s been set up by Chuck Fadely, a visual journalist at the Miami Herald.  Those with even a toe in the debates around video, and newspaper video in particular, will no doubt of heard of the group.

For the most part its day-to-day questions and recomendations around kit. It may come across as a bit hardcore videographer at times and the point and shoot brigade may find their blood boiling more than the high-spec kit merchants at some of the attitudes expressed. But those who have’nt had a look, or those who have had a casual look should sign up and stick with it.

Even if you aren’t in to the kit thing a lot of the debate offers a unique look, not just in to the way video is being done across the rage of (generally US) newspapers, but also how the finances, management and adoption of digital are having an impact.

Sign up at: http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/NewspaperVideo/