I spent the day with a bunch of very motivated South African journos who are *tasked* with doing multimedia. In fact engaging, or should that be wrestling, with digital in a big, profound way. I have four more days with these guys and it feels exciting. I’m feeling equally scared and blessed to be part of the process.

We, well me more than them, talked a lot about disruption. So in that spirit, and in the spirit of a previous post where I highlighted the newspaper video yahoo group as one of those ‘worth repeating’ blogs, I want to point to a bit of inspiration and another must read – Howard Owens.

Even if you disagree with what he writes (and engage in a debate with him over it) if you read it, you can point others in the newsroom to him and say ‘read this blog and then let’s talk’.

This is one of the very few newspaper execs talking online – and honestly talking,

Sensible, informed, challenging debate.

Try reading it and then, to quote an academic phrase, discuss.