Tips for recording audio

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Over the last few posts I’ve focused two of the three s’s that I think are areas to focus on for web/newspaper video-[ script]( and  [sequences](  The last in the series was going to be sound.

In that way the web works I’ve come across a series of posts on the Apple website that  says pretty much everything I want to say and more! Hurrah you say – less of that rambling idiot. But don’t get too comfy. I’m still planning to pop up a post with examples with more emphasis on sound and video working together.

But, whilst I flex my poorly subbed blogging muscles have a read of apples guide to Telling Stories with Sound

Improving web video - Three S’s Part 2: Script

[Tweet]( the first post of this little series on improving web video, I [looked at sequences](

Interesting events for Digital Journalists

[Tweet]( few work related  events have come across my desk in one way or another that may be of interest. First...   Never miss a story from, get updates in your inbox.