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A few work related  events have come across my desk in one way or another that may be of interest.

First up is the 7th Journalism leaders forum at Uclan on the 16th October. The event, Local Turf Wars Notes from the digital news frontline, includes contributions from:

Andy Mitten, a graduate of the department who, at 15, founded the hugely popular fanzine, United We Stand (which he still edits). Andy is now also the author of a string of books about United, as well as a sports  correspondent for The Independent, GQ and others.

Joining Andy is Trinity Mirror Regional’s editorial director Neil Benson,  Press Think blogger community media advocate and scholar Jay Rosen and BBC Local TV researcher Emma Hemmingway. Mike Ward will chair the panel entitled, ‘Local Turf Wars- notes from the digital news frontier.’

The open event, which also marks 45 years of Journalism at Preston, starts with a networking reception at 5:15pm in Greenbank foyer. The panel discussion is at 6pm in Greenbank Lecture Theatre.

More details about the Forum, which will also be webcast live, is at: RSVP to:

Associated with that is an event from the Digital Editors Network (join the facebook group as well) who are also meeting on the 16th October.

[they] will be focussing on what works in online publishing, getting the best out of video and how blogs and the established media can work together.

The three discussions will form part of the 7th Journalism Leaders Forum, on October 16, featuring the regional editorial director of Trinity Mirror Neil Benson, who is amongst the panelists considering the global impact of the local news business.

There will be a number of ‘seminars’ on digital things ( including one from me)

very much in the style of an open discussion, with the use of an internet connection to highlight features and examples and so letting people share their own insights and observations.

Read more about it over at Craig McGinty’s Blog.

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