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Don’t be put off by the word Database. Read this wonderful round up from Mindy and give it a try
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Ben Curtis gives a round up of solid state audio recording kit suitable for field recording. Via Mark Hamilton
(tags: [audio]( [recorders]( [solidstate]( [journalism](
A PDF tutorial on the pesky issue pf pixel aspect ratios from Artbeats
(tags: [tutorial]( [video]( [film]( [pixels]( [aspect]( [ratios](
“Journalists working on the web would do well to read “30 Usability Issues To Be Aware Of” on Smashing Magazine”
(tags: [usability]( [web]( [journalism]( [journalists]( [smashing]( [magazine](

Even my feed reader nags me

[Tweet]( know that you need to do some exercise when your feed reader is asking rude questions of you: Ouch!...

The original TimesCast to end

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