**Update:***[Bryan Murley](http://www.collegemediainnovation.org/blog/2007/10/11/timescast-lessons-learned/) and [Lucas Grindley](http://www.lucasgrindley.com/2007/10/timescast_dies_survived_by_family_of_spi.html) looks a the lessons learned from the TimesCast*

It began as an experiment, with the idea to see whether original video could be shot, edited and produced within a matter of hours.

So says the the crew of the TimesCast as they move away from the Vlog news style to concentrate on more stuff ‘shot in the field’.

Some are glad it’s going. Mindy McAdams will miss the innovation but not its bad imitation of TV.

Maybe this move is a (good) sign of things to come — maybe a lot of other news organizations will realize that the television people have already failed at this, and there’s no earthly reason for newspapers to make the same mistakes.

But it isn’t the end of the successful format.

This doesn’t mean we’re getting away from Webcasts entirely. The Sports TimesCast and VarsityCast will continue on their weekly schedules.

I think that says a lot about their understanding of their audience and unlike Mindy I saw the TimesCast as newspapers getting right what TV people failed to do.