Whilst the people at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch are wondering [how to keep Gas out of the camera](http://www.andydickinson.net/2007/10/10/reporting-for-duty/). UK newspaper journalists using video are struggling with the ever present problem for us in the UK of keeping it dry.

Shropshire Star video journalist James Shaw has a great blog on his adventures with video describing the ups and down of getting to grips with video including music festivals in the rain.

One thing that I like about the stuff that James has put out is that it shows he’s not afraid to try things. Like the mosaic opening to his package on the local V festival. (the way the script works with the pictures is great)


In his blog, James comments:

My film of the V Festival in August remains a high point for trying something new. Editing a film using techniques ‘borrowed’ from Bullitt takes a lot of grey matter to co-ordinate the different sequences, but the end result really is worth the bother.

Shame his blog isn’t easier to find but worth the effort. There are few enough voices from the UK newspaper video fraternity out there let along one as open and committed as James.

*ViaMartin Stabe and his Fleet Street 2.0 blog. – Just one of the blogs I’m catching up with after some time away from my reader. *